Monday, 23 January 2012

Sui Xuang, Tianhe, Guangzhou,

On the following day of our trip to Guangzhou, we decided to try this restaurant in the hotel we were staying at out of convenience, as we were checking out and had the rest of the afternoon to spend before heading back to HK.

The Hilton Tianhe is a very nice hotel and Sui Xuang is located on the fifth floor. Fitting with the hotel the restaurant has a very nice setting, as shown in the photograph below.

The Interior
This time we ordered seven items and as a change from the day before, ordered more savouries, so our ratio of savoury to sweet dishes was 5 to 2.

Roasted Chicken Wings; Siu Mai; Chestnut Cake

Here's what we ate.

Roast chicken wings: the skin seemed fried as it was crispy and there was thyme used in the seasoning. It was nice but seemed like a Western dish.

'Siu Mai': this staple of dim sum cuisine was a tasty shrimp and pork meat dumpling, with crab roe topping.

Pan fried water chestnut cake: this was a bit different from the one we ate at Panxi. This one was fried and pleasant enough but not as nice as the one we had the day before.

'Siu Long Bao' dumplings

'Siu Lung Bao': only three dumplings were served, compared to usual four you get in other dim sum restaurants. These were average not as nice as authentic ones in Shanghai. 

Turnip Cake

Turnip cake: a nice pan fried savoury dish that was crisp and not soggy. It had a spicy kick to it due to the XO sauce used as part of the ingredients.

Honey Osmanthus Cake

Honey Osmanthus cake: sweet with a mildly chewy texture and a nice dish  despite it's name. Presented in a cute heart shape.

Vegetable Roll

Steamed mushrooms and vegetable rolls. A little bit bland with the vegetable filling but there was a soy sauce covering it to give it a bit more flavour.

With the restaurant being inside the five star rated Hilton, Sui Xuan is a lovely place to have lunch and I would recommend it. Although I would have to say Panxi had the better food, the food here is reasonably priced for its location, tasty and well presented. 

Food: 3/5
Presentation: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Setting: 4/5
Overall: 14/20

Total Bill: 210RMB, about £10 per head.

We ate: All of the above and finished everything.

We drank: Iron Buddha tea again, although normal serving style.

We wore: Casual Sunday clothes, although the interior of the hotel was a lot warmer than the Panxi restaurant from the day before!

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